Mashiro Iro Symphony


The Kagami Academy where Uryuu Shingo and his sister Uryuu Sakuno decided to be joined with the all-girls school, Yuihime Academy. Shingo, Sakuno, his bestfriend Mukunashi Hayata, and more of his friends from the same school are temporarily transfers to Yuihime until they officially consolidate. But on their first day at Yuihime, the principal’s daughter, Sena Airi, never agree to the merger. And they’re not welcoming for the male students!

Shingo, Hayata, and the male students have to work hard…

(Taken from the Visual Novel Data Base)

Common Route Status (19 June 2013)

93.98% Translated

24.08% Edited

Thanks to my laptop breaking I’m still way behind. Come on translators, you’re making me look bad! Not that I’m complaining with how fast things are going. 🙂


76 thoughts on “Mashiro Iro Symphony

  1. AnimeOtaku

    Yeah Its Already 93%
    just 7% again
    i cant wait anymore..!! >.<

    will you give the download link when it done?

  2. Cookisu

    I plan on playing this during summer, think you can finish it during summer? Anyway, I`m not rushing you guys, so take your sweet time.

    1. georgejackson1 Post author

      If you mean the entire game, then no, I don’t think so. However, if you just mean common route, and maybe if you’re lucky Airi’s route, then probably.

  3. Mike D

    Question, is Boy Of Silence Translations still proceeding with the project of Mashiro Iro Symphony translations or have abondended the project? You know, since it have been already 6 months without any updates


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