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It’s been a while since I last made a post here, so let’s jump right into it.

A couple of our members went dark last month, and because of this we didn’t make much progress. Luckily, we have confirmed that seven of our original eight are still with us.

In addition to this we will also begin recruiting again. We’re looking for translators and editors. If you’re qualified to fill either of these roles then please head over to our contact section. When you apply please include your native language, your level of skill as a writer, your fluency with Japanese(if you apply as translator), your amount of free time, your dedication to a project, and any other information you’d like us to know.

We’ll keep the recruitment open until I feel that we’ve reached a good number of people.


Moving Forward

Alright, we managed to get through all the technical problems that we ran into and have begun translating. Hanada is currently doing the translation, and soon MagicalPrincess will be working on that as well. Kyoumei is taking care of the menu and UI. Anthem and Axel will be working on CG’s. Amarin, Blake, and I are pretty much just hanging around until we can start our work.

That’s right, I’d also like to introduce a few more members. Amarin is our new editor, Axel is our new translator/image editor, and MagicalPrincess is our new translator.


If you want to apply for the team, refer to the contact section of the site. We currently need one more tester and translator. After that, it will be less likely that we’ll accept applications, as we’ll be at a good size. If you think you fill either of these roles well, then send us an application. After we’ve reached that good size I mentioned we probably won’t accept most of the applications that float through the inbox. I like adding people to the team, but we can’t sustain a team that’s too large. For now eight people is our limit.

New Member

Just a quick post to introduce our new member. Blake, Anthem’s friend, has now joined our team. He will be acting as a tester. He will also be a RAW provider, if we eventually decide to pursue manga translations. He also knows some Japanese, so he may also help out with the translation a bit here and there.