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Big Update

Just another update on how things are going.

First off I’ve been out of the loop for a while now, due to my old laptop finally dying on me. I just got my new one up and running so now I’m back! Anyway, along side that I have some good news.

The common route translation is 93.98% done! Yes that’s right, over ninety percent! Awesome, right? Of course the editing hasn’t moved much, because of the circumstances I stated above, but I’ll be getting back to work on that, don’t you worry!

Once we finish the translation/editing we’ll do a final quality check and then pack it up into a patch for you guys!

Look forward to it.


A Quick Update

We’re starting to see some actual, tangible progress. It’s not much, but it’s something. Thanks to Kyoumei things look like they’re going to go rather smoothly, for the most part. Kyoumei created a site that has streamlined the translation/editing process considerably. Hopefully we’ll start to see even better progress in the future.

On a side note I’ve been really into Key’s games, like Rewrite and Little Busters lately. Really, if you haven’t played them, you’re missing out. Both have full patches out, so I’d advise playing those while you wait for this!

Moving Forward

Alright, we managed to get through all the technical problems that we ran into and have begun translating. Hanada is currently doing the translation, and soon MagicalPrincess will be working on that as well. Kyoumei is taking care of the menu and UI. Anthem and Axel will be working on CG’s. Amarin, Blake, and I are pretty much just hanging around until we can start our work.

That’s right, I’d also like to introduce a few more members. Amarin is our new editor, Axel is our new translator/image editor, and MagicalPrincess is our new translator.

Route Order

Ok, after asking all of the members their opinions on the matter, I’ve decided the route order. Airi, Miu, Angelina, and last Sakuno. Which of the last two comes before the other is a bit up in the air though, but that’s pretty much the order. Expect work to begin on the Airi route after the common route.