Big Update

Just another update on how things are going.

First off I’ve been out of the loop for a while now, due to my old laptop finally dying on me. I just got my new one up and running so now I’m back! Anyway, along side that I have some good news.

The common route translation is 93.98% done! Yes that’s right, over ninety percent! Awesome, right? Of course the editing hasn’t moved much, because of the circumstances I stated above, but I’ll be getting back to work on that, don’t you worry!

Once we finish the translation/editing we’ll do a final quality check and then pack it up into a patch for you guys!

Look forward to it.


11 thoughts on “Big Update

  1. lann094

    Coincidentally, I actually came to check if there’d been any updates a few days ago, so this is great to hear!
    I’ll definitely throw my name in the hat if you find you’re in need of some more editors; I’d love to make this translation happen as fast as possible. 😀

  2. aaeru

    hey george
    i haven’t seen you on IRC for a very long time now. wonder what happened?
    also do you know how to reach kyoumei? i want to ask him if he can do an easier method of inserting 「」 characters, (say convert [] into it when saving). also i dont know how to translate the decision points

    btw sry i havent been able to work on it for a bit.


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